Facts:-Do you know?

    -20% of the children in Singapore suffer from Asthma
    -0.8 Million people in Singapore have Allergy
    -Dust Mites is the main causes for Asthma and Allergy
    -Our bed contains 5 Million of Dust Mites
    -Medication can only control Asthma and Allergy

Why Mattress cleaning?

The Mattress that we sleep on is the dirtiest object in each household and people have very close contact with it for almost one third of our life time. Mattress is an ideal environment for Dust Mites. As 90% of all Dust Mites population can be found inside Mattress. There are about 5 Million dust Mites in just one Mattress. As we rest on the bed, a great number of Dust Mites easily dispersed by each movement of the Mattress together with their faeces, enter our body to cause Asthma and Allergy. Especially our baby is sleeping on our beds. A large amount of Dust Mites and Dirt incurred our baby delicate systems, causing Asthma and Allergy. As parents we should not tolerate this.

The removal of Dust Mites is an effective way in preventing and minimizing Asthma and Allergy attacks. Let us effectively and efficiently remove Dust Mites and enabling your living environment to be clean. This will prevent Asthma and Allergy for your family. We recommend to sanitize your Mattress for at least once every 6 months to maintain an acceptable Mattress hygiene standard. Especially if your loved ones have Asthma or Allergy. It is essential to have your Mattress cleaned regularly.

How we do it?

We use water base vacuum cleaners, which do not required any filters. Which paper bag and cloth bag vacuum cleaners will cause second pollution to our environment. And after a long usage, dust particles block and weaken the filter suction capacity. Other water base vacuum cleaners also require a filter to help trap dust. Which after sometime Dust and Algae will be trapped on the filter, result in molding and bad odour. With the fast moving society we are living in now. The traditional cleaning method can now be replaced with more efficient and convenient solution. The system we use would generate high frequency vibrations to the Mattress and loosen dirt particles deep within the Mattress. The dirt particles and micro organisms would be extracted by the vacuum cleaner. While doing the cleaning, it will also Purifies and Disinfect the Air. It will not leave chemical residues behind. It is a Chemical Free cleaning solution, no decolorizes and shrunk sofa covers. And most importantly, no more sleeping with a pile of Dust Mites, Mold and Fungi. This system effectively reduces Dust Mites growth and reduces germs count. It is completely harmless to human beings and the environment. Have a germs-free home! Call us now 9666 9122 / 9759 9188


Price start from $40.00

Our Steaming / Disinfecting Services include:

     • Steaming / Dry Cleaning and Disinfecting of Mattress, pillow or bolster
     • Steaming / Dry Cleaning and Disinfecting of sofa seat, cushion or Dining Chairs
     • Purify of Air with Fragrant / Aromatic oil
     • Odor Removal
     • Sanitize of bathroom